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  • ABEKA 
  • Art -                                      art history, artists, supplies, crafts 
  • Bob Jones
  • Classical Conversations -        curriculum, resources, teacher guides
  • Computer Technology/Media, Software,  Coding, STEM, keyboarding (non-curriculum related items) , DVDs  & Audios 
  • Ecomics
  • Fiction-                               Classics, historical, poetry, short stories, novels, fairy tales.
  • Foreign Language-               Latin , textbooks & workbooks, DVDs & CD-ROMs, flashcards, other helps, foreign language dictionaries,  readers, and games
  • Geography -                       maps, textbooks, activity books, and globes 
  • Government-                   textbooks, workbooks, computer related programs (Notgrass, Whatever Happened to Penny Candy etc.)
  • History-                        (curriculum only)              Ancient, medieval, early American, world  (Notgrass, Beautiful Feet,  Story of the World,  (Mystery  of History)
  • Homeschool Resources-         Home education books, guides, planners,  pocket charts,  organization, and teacher tools (Sally Clarkson, Charlotte Mason, Diana Waring, Raymond Moore)
  • Language Arts--              Grammar spelling, english, vocabulary, writing, phonics, readers, curriculum & teacher guides,flash cards & manipulatives, Handwriting Without Tears chalk boards, wood pieces), writing prompts,literature Helps Progeny Press guides, Cliff Notes, reading comprehension. Grouped by publisher together (Rod & Staff, Easy Grammar etc.)  
  • Life skills & Hobbies -             Life skills, cooking, sewing, scrapbooking, woodworking, leather, soap, crocheting etc. 
  • Logic & Critical Thinking -
  • ​Mathematics                         curriculum, textbooks,  CD-Rom's, manipulatives, personal finance (Saxon), Teaching Textbooks,  Horizons, Math U See, Life of Fred, Singapore, Jacobs, Stewardship, Per Finance Textbooks by publisher in grade order,Math Manipulatives.
  • Music-                         Instruments, Textbooks, instructor manuals, instruments (Meet the Composers book & CD, Classical Kids, Story of the  Orchestra) 
  • Non-Fiction                 Biographies,  technical, autobiographies, technical, mom encouragement
  • Physical Education-        curriculum, equipment 
  • Preschool-                       curriculum guides, toys (Horizons Pre-K, Sonlight, Five in a Row) 
  • Reference-                        almanacs dictionaries, thesaurus,  encyclopedia, 
  • Religion-                        Curriculum, dvd's, books, Bibles, character, worldview (missionary biographies go in non-fiction),                     Non Denominational, Catholic, and LDS
  • Science-                       textbooks, workbooks, notebooks, Dvd's, Cd rom's, dissection kits, materials, microscopes (Apologia,  Berean Publishers -Jay Wile elementary set, Answers in Genesis, 101 series - biology, chemistry, physics, kits & supplies 
  • Speech & Debate-           Textbooks, Dvd's, rhetoric (IEW, Classical Academic Press) 
  • Test Prep & College Prep-         SAT, ACT, College Board, CLEP, DANTES 
  • Toys/Games                Educational toys, toys, puzzles, games
  • Unit Studies-                         All in one curriculum (Tapestry of Grace, My Father’s World, Weaver, Biblioplan, Lifepacs, Sonlight, Queen  Homeschool, ACE PACES, Mystery of History, Beautiful Feet, Heart of Dakota, Winter Promise, Gather round etc.) Organized by publisher & grade order and time period .
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